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Welcome to the BLS BLOG!

Welcome to the BLS blog!  We decided to start a blog to share more about the BLS brand with you! This is the first article and a little welcome and introduction to what you can expect in the future.

BLS was founded in 2016 with a simple idea of making high quality products that we couldn’t find in South Africa – specifically to track cycling. Before we knew it, we were sending our first product, the Velcro toe straps, all over the world! They even got the attention of some Olympians, and proceeded to be used by our ambassador during her gold medal winning ride in Rio. We saw an opportunity to grow this into a brand that we wanted to see in the market! We started developing other innovative products like luggage, and before we knew it, we had clothing, kit and a plan to expand into a global cycling lifestyle brand in 2017.

The vision of BLS is to give every cyclist, from Olympian to weekend warrior the means to portray themselves to the world. Something we feel is very limited in current mainstream brands, and that doesn’t quite fit in the hipster subculture. We wanted to create a brand that celebrates the performance and achievements of athletes resulting from their dedication and commitment to their personal goals; and to give them the recognition they deserve. This is where the concept of VeloRacing (road and MTB) and VelodromeRacing (specific to track cycling) came in – serious, competitive, racing cyclists need a way to express themselves as just that: dedicated individuals living a lifestyle acquainted to their goals; not only while on the bike, but throughout their everyday lives. We want you to sit back and say: “this is who I am” and be proud of it!

Table Mountain, Cape Town. The home of BLS.

There are many blogs out there, but very few giving a unique look at the world from a cycling specific point of view, and even less with you, the competitive racing cyclist, at the forefront!  What you can expect in this blog is:

  •  No hold back opinion pieces covering various topics in cycling
  •  Sport psychology articles specific to cycling
  •  Training and nutrition tips
  •   Stories and interviews from our ambassadors and featured BLS clients (you!)
  •   All with the attractions of our home town: Cape Town, South Africa as the backdrop

If you feel this is who you are, or who you want to be; we encourage you to be a part of it! Join us on this journey of discovery, a journey to the new, and a journey to be great! It is said that the journey and who you become when chasing to your goal, is more important than achieving the goal itself, so embrace it and share it with us.

A typical weekend coffee stop in Stellenbosch

Remember to share your stories and photos with us and we could feature it in this blog! Also don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily doses of the BLS cycling lifestyle!

Matthew de Freitas

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